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                        For: The creeper who blows my caves to bits everyday, this one is for you bud :3

"You kill animals for your own pleasure and hunger. You invade this precious world claiming it as your own simply due to your presence. You terrorize the landscape and gouge out the earth to build monuments of vanity. Yet you still call us the monsters. I can assure you I am no monster." You people judge our kind on our appearance, yet we do no harm. Us Creepers are friends of civilization, yet only a few can realize that. We hiss because it is our only way to communicate, but all we ask for is salvation. Our explosions are out of mere fright as we've been hunted by many, yet we are just asking for justice. Go ahead and rape the earth with your blades and shovels. We will seek vengeance and freedom, and this world will be destroyed with your entire race. You will be the ones who will be hunted. You will be the ones seeking for habitat in caves at night. You will be the ones exploding out of fright. Fear us humans for your reign of terror has come to an end.


-Final words of Elder Creeper Briscoe.

A/N: This story is based off a Creeper Revolution. No not those stalk-ish, creepers. Minecraft Creepers. Hoped you enjoy :D Another chapter will go out.


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JordanIsAPlayerCP Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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